Carrier-Class NNTP Server Software for Tier 1 Internet Service Providers
Running a high-volume Internet News network is a difficult job. Highwinds' powerful NNTP Server software is dedicated to making that job much easier.
The Highwinds Software Product Line, which includes Cyclone, Typhoon, Tornado, and Hurricane, is licensed to over 200 ISPs worldwide and is specifically designed to power Carrier-Class NNTP news networks.

Product Summary

Cyclone News Router
The Cyclone News Router is a high-performance, robust Newsgroup routing system suitable for use on news hubs. Cyclone was designed from the ground up with features that make it easy for companies to cost-effectively build and maintain large NNTP Server networks. Cyclone's daily task is transiting NNTP traffic to local News Servers across the world with an average NNTP newsfeed ranging between 45-60 Mbps.

Internet Service Providers utilize NNTP feeds for their own Newsgroup infrastructure and a value add service for customers whom want to provide newsgroup service. NNTP feeds have traditionally been a complimentary product bundled into a dedicated T1 or greater sale. Internet Service Providers recognize greater profits by selling more bandwidth. As stated earlier, an NNTP feed today averages 40-60 Mbps and therefore consumes a significant amount of bandwidth. Therefore an access customer must have at least 40 Mbps just to carry an NNTP feed exclusive of providing additional services for their end user. Pushing NNTP feeds to access customers is a quick way of selling more bandwidth.

The Cyclone NewsRouter provides the standard features you would expect from Newsgroup Server software. In addition, Cyclone has advanced features like quality of service guarantees, network bandwidth preserving redundant feeding, built-in disaster recovery with hot-failover, a customer-facing web-based GUI configuration tool, fine-grained control over feed content, and the ability to take advantage of multiprocessor hardware.

Typhoon News Server
The Typhoon News Server is a general-purpose, high-performance, robust Newsgroup servers designed to manage large numbers of NNTP newsreaders. These servers are designed for high capacity, and have features that make it easy for companies to cost-effectively build and maintain large NNTP networks. Typhoon accepts or rejects NNTP articles from the Cyclone News Router and stores the article on its local database. End users retrieve newsgroup articles from Typhoons Newsgroup database and read/post to topics or forums of interest. Typhoon is the News Server of choice because the server runs at 100% capacity with minimal administration time.

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