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Cyclone easily outperforms all known news delivery systems. Even on small workstations, without RAID technology, Cyclone can handle dozens of full bi-directional feeds. Cyclone is running on most of the "Top Ten" Newsgroup machines in the world.

Cyclone is robust even in the face of system-wide failures. Cyclone's built-in automatic backup, and fail-over ability ensures that NOTHING will bring down your customer feeds! With Cyclone, you have true 100% availability.

Ease of Use
Although Cyclone's feature set is powerful, the use of simple, straightforward directives makes configuration simple. In addition, Cyclone requires NO day-to-day maintenance. With the configurable web-based GUI, you can let your customers (or your Network Operations Center) securely adjust their own feeds. Unlike other systems, an entire network of Cyclone machines is as easy to maintain as a few.

Software Highlights
  • Fully compliant to published and de-facto Internet standards for News transit software. Full and Partial bi-directional multi-stream NNTP feeding.
  • Performance and scalability to "carrier-class" levels: Thousands of feeds, Millions of Articles, Billions of Bytes per day.
  • Expert systems constantly manage connections and bi-directionally adapt feeds for maximum network efficiency.
  • Automatic load balancing can be performed across multiple outbound streams, multiple network interfaces, and multiple hosts.
  • Built-in unattended intelligent fail-over for high-availability and disaster recovery.
  • True 100% availability. No need to "throttle" or have downtime to "expire".
  • Persistent reliable backlogging for sites that are temporarily unreachable.
  • Web-based customer-facing GUI for lowering maintenance costs by providing customers and administrators with a scalable method for adjusting feed attributes.
  • Customizable pre-built Anti-SPAM filters for eliminating unwanted content.
  • Fine-grain bi-directional content control via extensive filtering and partitioning directives.
  • Time-shifting functions provide "Express" or efficient "Redundant" full and partial feeds.
  • Optional "Active File", "Control Message" processing, and group "Moderator" enforcement for further content control.
  • Detailed Inbound, Outbound, and Content statistics reporting.
  • NNTP performance analysis tool useful in diagnosing bottlenecks at customer sites.
  • Configuration file compiler/preprocessor for managing and generating large system configurations.
  • Static disk space allocation directives eliminate disk space shortages.
  • Article number generation, parsing, and replication can provide enterprise-wide article number synchronization.
  • When coupled with Typhoon, Twister or Tornado, provides a central control point for group creation and active file control.
Cyclone Features

  • NO Day-to-Day Maintenance
  • Configurable Web-Based GUI

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