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Speed And Capacity
Typhoon is a "carrier-class" NNTP Server solution that scales to support thousand's of simultaneous readers accessing hundreds of gigabytes of news while keeping up with multiple Full Cyclone-speed NNTP feeds.

Advanced Features
Typhoon has features like enterprise-wide article number synchronization, multiple compression algorithms, and plug-in customizable Anti-SPAM filters.

In addition, Typhoon provides full virtual server capability, powerful program-based authentication, efficient site feeding, higher capacity, and very detailed statistics.

Software Highlights
  • Fully compliant to published and de-facto Internet standards for News server software.
  • Performance and scalability to "carrier-class" levels: Thousands of Browsers, Thousands of Groups, Millions of Articles, Billions of Bytes per day, Terabytes (Trillions of Bytes) of storage capacity.
  • True 100% availability. No need to "throttle" or have downtime to "expire".
  • "Virtual Server" ability leverages hardware resources by allowing multiple "virtual" News systems with private independent newsgroups and subscriptions.
  • This feature alone provides ISP's with the ability to host multiple customer's news services on the same hardware without additional investment.
  • Cached architecture provides more efficient resource utilization.
  • Full and Partial bi-directional NNTP feeding.
  • Customizable Anti-SPAM filters for eliminating unwanted content.
  • Customizable POST filters for eliminating unwanted locally-authored content and enforcing Newsgroup policy on user base.
  • Fine-grain content control via numerous filtering and partitioning directives.
  • Detailed Inbound, Reader, and Content statistics suitable for billing.
  • Carrier-class scalable NEWNEWS implementation.
  • Optional Real-time statistics for monitoring and auditing individuals.
  • NNTP performance analysis tools useful in diagnosing bottlenecks at customer sites.
  • Powerful disk space allocation directives eliminate disk space shortages and allow flexible disk resource allocation.
  • Multiple data compression algorithms for optimizing disk space consumption.
  • Customizable program-based authentication. External authentication programs can maintain database connections (to Radius, Kerberos, NIS+, etc.), use time-of-day, system load, or any other data at its disposal to dynamically, allow, deny, or implement different policies of access and authentication at any time.
  • Unique "Chaining" ability allows multiple Typhoon machines in a WAN environment to leverage centralized disk storage while minimizing network traffic.
  • Tight control over user authentication and article generation.
  • Built-in enterprise-wide fault tolerant article number synchronization.
  • Built-in enterprise-wide automatic active file content synchronization.

  • Scalable
  • Enterprise Availability

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